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Our experienced staff and mature processes provide back-office support for the monthly close process and management of daily customer activities so that midstream companies can focus on growth opportunities and lowering costs.

    Comprehensive management of contracts from draft to execution and document storage. Manage client pro-forma contracts Prepare draft contracts based on client pro forma and negotiated contracts and manage execution process Manage electronic database of commercial contracts and related documents Enter contract terms into contract management system and downstream commercial application Process FERC capacity release transactions Prepare FERC Index of Customers filing CONTACT US NOW
    Provide customer support throughout the entire scheduling process, from nominations and confirmations to allocations and imbalances all pursuant to applicable tariff/contractual language and NAESB cycles. Support entering, modifying and confirming nominations Allocate pipeline capacity and location capacity Coordinate receipt and deliveries with Operational Control Center and Interconnecting Pipelines Manage shipper and interconnected pipeline imbalances pursuant to applicable tariffs and contracts Provide customer support on nights, weekends, and holidays Communicate outages and maintenance to client’s customers Develop and maintain relationships with clients and client’s customers Process month-end close for invoice preparation Respond to customer inquiries Provide system training to client’s customers CONTACT US NOW
    Coordinate the timely and accurate collection and distribution of measurement and analysis data Manage monthly close process Import daily/monthly volumes into measurement system Export daily/monthly volumes to downstream applications Manage meter creation and system/setup configuration Manage and distribute volume statements and reports Manage and coordinate external customer access to view Real Time Data CONTACT US NOW
    Provide monthly invoices to customers detailing charges for services rendered including fuel, loss and unaccounted for charges. Generate monthly invoices to customers Track dollars from estimates and actuals to the client Facilitate monthly upload to client’s General Ledger Create invoices for other annual charges or credits pursuant to applicable tariffs or contracts Provide plant accounting Enter rates into commercial system Administer and calculate rate adjusters Build customer workbooks to manage outside rate CONTACT US NOW
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